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How To Make A Victorian Flower Fairy Dress

The Victorians were very interested in fairies and all sorts of other spooky stuff. A flower fairy costume would be a good one for a little girl, even if the costume is not everyday wear for a Victorian girl. The costume would also do good service for dressing up in other contexts or as a party dress.

Victorian Etiquette Rules

This video will not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, it gives a lot of information on how social standards worked in Victorian society.

Making Butter In Victorian Times

You may buy your butter in the shop but in Victorian times, it was made fresh every day in the kitchens of the Big Houses. This video shows you how that was done.

Dressing As A Victorian Cook

A video showing how a Victorian cook dressed each day.

How To Make Victorian Underwear For Ladies

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This is a long video showing how Victorian underwear from the 1890s era could have been made.


And if you want to see the history of how Victorian costumes evolved during the Victorian era, look here.

Using The Toilet In Victorian Dress

With full bodied, dresses, bustles and crinolines, it might seem that Victorian women must have had very good bladders! This short video shows exactly how easy it was to use a chamber pot or toilet even wearing the largest of crinolines or a bustle. NOTE: this video is fun and perfectly OK for anyone to watch.

A fun video, suitable for all to see, showing how someone dressed in Victorian clothes could use the toilet.